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Why You Need A Responsive Website, NOT An App

Here’s a fun exercise: Dig deep into your memory and ask yourself how many apps you downloaded last month. If your answer’s more than zero, you’re in the minority. Three things in my life are certain: Death Taxes Every new web development client asking me to build them an app Apps are all the rage these days, and that’s rarely more obvious than when I talk to my clients about their digital needs. But the fact is: apps are kind of like kale. Everybody will tell you kale’s amazing for you. They’ll extol its benefits in exhaustive and convincing detail. But when you rush to Natural...

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7 reasons why its better to hire a freelance web developer or specialist over a large company

1. Low Overheads The main reason, perhaps, is because they are cheaper. When there is wages, superannuation, insurance, maternity leave and rent, you have to keep the coal fires burning. And that means taking on every job that comes in. These days many freelance web designers work from home. They have tiny overheads and if they are doing okay, will only take on jobs that they like and can manage. Companies take all work – sometimes just to keep afloat. Low overheads not only half the price of your website but they double the availability any web designer has to work on smaller jobs....

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