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SEO Tip #2: Link Management

One of the most often overlooked but extremely important seo elements is link management: internal links, external links, backlinks, all kinds of links. This may be the most boring topic to cover possible, but here’s the thing: 15 minutes of your time fixing a few links might save you thousands of dollars in revenue every year! Internal Links Management What’s even more powerful and important than a sitemap? Proper internal linking! That’s right, before you go on to managing external links and backlinks you should make sure your own links are in a good place, a few critical fixes will set you up for...

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Top Google Ranking Factors

Google ranks and search engine optimization go hand in hand, but what factor’s does Google really consider when figuring out where to plop a website in their index for keyword searches? The truth is Google uses thousands of metrics to decide – and it’s not even *just* Google with exhaustive lists of rules – many of these metrics are simply World Wide Web Best Practices that ALL website’s should be employing to add value to the online community at-large and provide the best user experience for website traffic across the world as possible… However, the catch here is that some elements are true, some...

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Importance Of Social Media In Your Businesses SEO Strategy

Getting traffic to your website requires a solid SEO strategy that helps you rank high in the various search engines, with social media as an integrated part of that strategy. However, with so many different social media platforms, it can be easy to spread your efforts too thin. For this reason, it is critical to choose the platforms that will work best for your business and your website. Most businesses will find that Google+ and Facebook are most vital to SEO strategy. Social media sharing has been shown to correlate with high search rankings. Though Google and the other search engines do not tell...

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Why You Need A Responsive Website, NOT An App

Here’s a fun exercise: Dig deep into your memory and ask yourself how many apps you downloaded last month. If your answer’s more than zero, you’re in the minority. Three things in my life are certain: Death Taxes Every new web development client asking me to build them an app Apps are all the rage these days, and that’s rarely more obvious than when I talk to my clients about their digital needs. But the fact is: apps are kind of like kale. Everybody will tell you kale’s amazing for you. They’ll extol its benefits in exhaustive and convincing detail. But when you rush to Natural...

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Top 5 SEO Tips that Should Never be Absent from Your SEO Strategy

Top 5 SEO Tips that Should Never be Absent from Your SEO Strategy With the regular way in which Google updates its algorithms, doing SEO for it could become very unpredictable. What works now may not work or have lesser impact in the future. This is why before you even begin to start proper search engine optimization techniques, you have to accept the fact the field is constantly subject to change. This doesn’t mean that there are methods that have worked since Day One, though. If you’re looking for ways to keep a solid SEO plan of action for your site, then look no...

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Why Backlinks Are Important

We must be careful with our reciprocal  backlinks. There is a Google patent in the works that will deal with not only the popularity of the sites being linked to, but also how trustworthy a site is that you link to from your own website. This will mean that you could get into trouble with the search engine just for linking to a bad apple. We could begin preparing for this future change in the search engine algorithm by being choosier with which we exchange links right now. By choosing only relevant sites to link with, and sites that don’t have tons of outbound...

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