Disaster Recovery: Clones

One of the most important aspects of running a hosting company is actually something most website owners don’t think about often, but at WPTechs we do every single day, and we plan for it. Of course, we’re talking today about Disaster Recovery!

What Is It?

Disaster recovery is what happens when your website goes down, when we go into action. This can be from something as simple as a broken plugin, a bad WordPress update or something as complex as a hack, a virus infection or a complete server meltdown. When a disaster scenario occurs, we have plans in place to take immediate action, plans that are your insurance that we can not only give a great +99.99% uptime, but also that we can recover your site if something terrible does happen – and recover it quickly.

What’s WPTechs Plan?

First, we practice extreme preventative measures:

  • Battle-tested servers: We serve millions of pageviews every day while preserving top of the line pagespeed. WPTechs knowledge and experience is the #1 defense to disasters.
  • Multi-faceted Security: Triple layered firewalls, triple layered brute force protection, double layered DDoS protection, triple layered antivirus – all working from the DNS to Server to Site level.
  • Triple Redundant Backups: We make two local backups every day, one of your sites and one of your server or host node. A third daily incremental backup is made and stored off-site at AWS (Amazon S3). Our backups go as far back as 90 days!
  • Fully Managed WordPress: Because 99% of our clients are on a fully managed plan, we’re able to insure you get critical updates as soon as they come out. For less reliable or buggy updates, we’ll defer those until it’s safe, we test updates on development sites that use the most common plugins and themes so that we can prevent an update-related issue before it happens.

Stay tuned for the next part in a series of publications detailing new features and tools used in our total disaster preparedness and recovery plans and policy.

What’s new?

We’re super excited to announce the latest in disaster recovery tech that we’ve just finished rolling out across all servers… Clones!

Without getting into the proprietary technical details too much, the latest-greatest addition to our backups systems is cloned sites. Every month your site is copied over to a clone server, if in the event of an emergency your site is no longer accessible in it’s existing server/node, we can simply change your load-balancer/hosting ip to the clone server and your site will be back up and running in minutes! While the clone handles your traffic, we’ll work on your site/server to figure out what went wrong, once it’s fixed we’ll switch your load-balancer/hosting ip back over to the normal server and it’s back to business as usual, minimal downtime even under the worst of disasters!

This is an exciting development, as we can reduce what used to be potentially hours of downtime during a disaster, to just minutes. In addition to the greater fault tolerance these clones add, it’s also another technical backup point we can use if ever needed, bringing our total separate backups to 4, 2 of which are stored offsite at Amazon S3.

“it’s your site, on a second server, just waiting to be activated and used if ever needed”


Q: Is the clone accessible by Google?
A: No, until your domain’s live IP is pointing at the clone server, the clone site is completely inaccessible by the world. There’s no risk of the clone ever being crawled or indexed.

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