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Gmail Setup

Time needed: 10 minutes.

The most popular option for using custom mailboxes is to integrate with your personal email provider, this makes setup and access a breeze. In this tutorial, we add our custom domain email to a gmail account as an addon box for sending and receiving emails.

  1. Open mailbox settings.

  2. Go to Accounts & Import

  3. Under “Check mail from other accounts:” click “Add a mail account” (we’re adding your custom mailbox here to RECEIVE emails at gmail).

  4. Add your custom mailbox address

  5. Import emails from my other account (POP3)

  6. Enter your username (full email address), password, POP server (, Port (995), and checkbox for “Always use a secure connection”, you can optionally have gmail label your custom mailbox’s emails for easy identification in your inbox.

  7. Next you’ll likely want to configure gmail to be able to SEND email from your gmail, AS the custom mailbox, so continue in the same window to the next step:

  8. On this screen you’ll want to customize your name applied to emails being sent with this mailbox, and make sure the checkbox for “Treat as alias” is check ON.

  9. Fill in SMTP Server (, Port (465), Username (full email address), password, and the radio selector for Secured with SSL. Click Add Account >>

  10. This last step requires verification that you are the owner of the mailbox you’ll be sending as. Head over to and login with your Username and Password, once inside you should have a shiny new email waiting for you from Google:

  11. Copy the code in the verification email to the gmail setup-popup:

  12. You can now send and receive emails from your gmail as your custom domain email (just click the dropdown selector for the “From” field to switch between sending as your gmail and sending as your custom domain email:

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