Easy Way To Add A Quiz For Free

Want to add a simple quiz to your post or page, and don't want to install a bloated plugin OR pay a big monthly fee for a 3rd party quiz system provider? There's an easy and free alternative from Google!

This is so easy, there's only two steps! Step one = make the quiz, step two = embed it into your content.

Step 1: Make The Quiz

Go to https://g.co/createaquiz and make your quiz:

make a google quiz form

You can see on the quiz editor that it has a ton of features, including features to add different styles of questions/answers, allow for multiple choice or checkbox or other answer formats, you can add "points" to answers for a scoring system, you can even make "sections of questions" to break up large quizzes, you can add images/videos as well - it's really fully functional with lots of options.

Want to style the design of your quiz to better match your site/theme? There's options for that too:

customize the design of your form


Step 2: Embed Your Form

Now that you've built your quiz and customized it to suit your needs, it's time to embed it into your site! First, click the "send" button, then switch to the "embed code", then copy the "embed html" to your clipboard (Ctrl + c):

embed your quiz

Next, go to your post/page and paste your embed code into your content. If using the blocks editor in WordPress just place a "html" block and paste your code in there:

make a new html block to paste the embed code


paste your embed code

Now viewing my test quiz in the post:

quiz in a post


Alright looks good! The default settings on the quiz are a little small for my theme on desktop, so I will customize the embed code to make the iframe bigger and get rid of the scroll bars on it:

customize my embed code

My theme has a content area on desktop of 797px wide, so I increased it in the embed code, and I gave it 1000 height just eyeballing it, that should allow for the quiz to show up in full in my post without any scroll bars - maybe on mobile it will need more height added - this is a setting you can toggle around to get the iframe to fit how you like, it's really easy to play with if you want all of the form to show up without scroll bars:

quiz completed


How easy was that? The best part is No Bloated Plugins. Make sure to check out all the features and settings in the quiz builder, there's a ton of options in there!


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