sucuri vs cloudflare

Sucuri VS Cloudflare

Throughout the last two years Sucuri has suffered many issues with maintaining reliable uptime, the response to massive outages was poor and the excuses repetitively similar. With issues apparently never fully resolving we’re now reconsidering our endorsement of Sucuri and exploring alternatives. Unlike other online reviews of “Sucuri VS Cloudflare” this article won’t be skewed by affiliate links nor personal motivations, just purely our experiences, analysis and recommendation after having placed several hundred sites on Sucuri/Cloudflare. Cost Of Services First things first, let’s examine the prices and services. To be as fair as possible, we’re going to examine Sucuri’s Basic Firewall/CDN against Cloudflare’s FREE...

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seo link management

SEO Tip #2: Link Management

One of the most often overlooked but extremely important seo elements is link management: internal links, external links, backlinks, all kinds of links. This may be the most boring topic to cover possible, but here’s the thing: 15 minutes of your time fixing a few links might save you thousands of dollars in revenue every year! Internal Links Management What’s even more powerful and important than a sitemap? Proper internal linking! That’s right, before you go on to managing external links and backlinks you should make sure your own links are in a good place, a few critical fixes will set you up for...

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google update

Google Image Index Update

This has been a rocky year for Google algorithm updates for sure, especially for sites in the “money and health” niches. Today we discovered another update that has been brewing all year, this Google image index update has impacted 400+ sites that we directly monitor, all ranging in size from small business sites at <1k pageviews/month up to our most busy bloggers pulling >5MM pageviews/month, it’s affected sites across all hosting companies, with cdn from Sucuri/Cloudflare and without any cdn – it’s affecting everyone. How can I check my image index? Here’s how to check if your site has gone through the change, in...

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seo tip yoast bug fix

SEO Tip #1 The Yoast Bug

Robin asked me to write a “tip of the day” today, I can’t remember what the topic she mentioned but I liked the idea so I’m going to run with it and begin with my first SEO Tip #1 The Yoast Bug. Thinking about what the first tip should be, I immediately thought about the worst issue I’ve seen in about half of the last 10 sites I’ve performed an seo audit on recently – yes it’s the infamous Yoast Bug! Even 5 months after the bug appeared and warnings began flooding WordPress forums we’re still seeing affected sites going unfixed, so in this...

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checklist gdpr

GDPR Checklist

Your company has a list of all types of personal information it holds, the source of that information, who you share it with, what you do with it and how long you will keep it. This is a list of the actual types (columns) of information being held (eg Name, social security nr, address,..). For each type, a source should be documented, the parties this information is shared with, the purpose of the information and the duration for which the company will keep this information. GDPR Article 30 – Records of processing activities Your company has a list of places where it keeps personal...

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GDPR what does it mean?

What Is GDPR? Everything You Need To Know

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will come into effect across Europe on 25th May 2018. What Does It Do? GDPR provides European Union citizens better control over the collection, use, and storage of their personal data online. It also requires companies and site owners to be transparent about how they collect, use and share personal data. Non-compliance with GDPR can result in fines of 4% annual revenue or 20 million euros – whichever is greater, though before that happens there is a multi-tiered warning system in place. Who Should Be Concerned? Customers and visitors care about their privacy protection. Taking the steps to...

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