At WPTechs we take fundamental SEO theory and apply our renowned business ethics to give you an audit of real value. What makes a great seo audit? Results. Unlike other companies we don’t sell reports, we sell results driven by experience and expertise. When you get a recap from us it doesn’t include a huge list of things you should fix, it includes a detailed account of everything we fixed.

Our Advantage

SEO Audit Feature WPTechs Other SEO’s
Detailed scans and reports
Issues FIXED
Onsite + Offsite
Support + advice
Follow up audit
Pro Plugin Licenses
Discount Available?
Deposit Required
Price $500-$1000 $2000-$3000

Real Results

First Half: Technical Optimization

  • HTTPS: Truly natural conversion, we don’t use a plugin and if you do we’ll get rid of it.
  • Backups & Security: Verification that your site is protected with the latest industry standards for backups, we’ll also check for minimum security requirements for firewall/antivirus.
  • Cache Optimization: Running multiple cache plugins or unsupported plugins? We’ll set you up with an advanced config and give you a free license to WP Rocket ($30/year value).
  • Image Optimization: Speed and mobile friendliness is critical, we’ll optimize your entire library of images and setup automatic optimization for future uploads.
  • Database Optimization: DB entries will slow your site, we manually audit each table and fix offending plugins from generating useless data, we’ll also setup automatic monthly database maintenance.
  • Crawl Errors and complete Search Console checkup + fixes.
  • Script Audit: Years of copy/pasting scripts into your theme and plugins will leave your site in a state of disarray, we'll identify damaging or broken scripts.
  • Fonts: Still forcing visitors to download fonts from Google? We'll download+convert+install your external fonts into your theme to cut down on external middlemen and increase efficiency.
  • Plugin Audit: Conflicting, broken, virus infected, unused and misconfigured plugins are dragging your site down, we'll go through each one and clean up your installation.
  • Additional Optimizations: Our experienced eyes will check every corner of your site looking for every opportunity, we don't settle for "good enough".

Second Half: Traffic Source Strategy

Often times getting your site technically sound is only half the battle, to get a deep analysis of your traffic coming from Search Engines, Social, Direct+Email and Referral you need a Traffic Source Strategy (TSS). We’ll analyse the current and last three years of Analytics to formulate strategies to increase traffic for each source. Often times a TSS reveals critical issues that can be easily resolved with new features and services or troubleshoots features that are already present and just not working right.

Search Engine (organic)

Following industry best practices and fundamental seo theory we’ll audit your top urls to find and fix opportunities for image meta, proper header tags, optimized title/description meta, keyword density, link management and other key onpage optimization metrics.

  • Top 20 urls on-page optimization.
  • Sitemap cleanup.
  • Search Console errors FIXED.

Direct + Referral

We’ll find opportunities to improve the User Experience, from fixing the mobile friendliness of your theme (limited to 2 hours) to identifying root causes of poor backlink profiles.

  • Mobile/Desktop theme optimized.
  • Backlink profile analysis.


Learn how your hard earned Social traffic can be better utilized for higher click through rates. From proper Open Graph meta to strategically placed share buttons, we check every corner of your installation to make sure you’re compliant with standard social platforms and aren’t missing out on any opportunities.

  • Social Rocket Pro Included ($29/year value)
  • Instagram Feed Pro Included ($39/year value)


From strategic optin placement to integrated design with your brand, we’ll ensure each element of your newsletter/email system is not just working but performing. Our in-depth analysis and experienced eye will find the perfect combination of missing features to unlock increased conversions and increased traffic.

  • Email strategy assessment + FIXES.
  • Optin audit with Bloom or Convertpro license included ($89/year value)

WordPress Optimized SEO Audits

Technical Optimization

  • Fix everything, supercharge your site for performance + improve bounce!

Traffic Source Strategy

  • Unlock the mysteries of your analytics to drive new traffic to your site!

Full Audit = TechOpt + TSS

  • The TechOpt and TSS combined. Includes 5-month follow up.


Audit Window Limitations Due to scheduling availability we only offer fixes/support/work on each report/audit up to 60 days after they're emailed to you. If you'd like help on anything in the reports *after* the 60-day window has lapsed, then you can request a quote at our regular hourly rate = Contact Us.

Discount Alert: Check your social groups and friends, discount is available when referred by a WPTechs client!

Schedule Availability: We're usually booked 12-24 months out, be sure to reserve a spot ASAP.

Host Compatibility: SEO audits are not compatible with TechSurgeons hosting.